EPM’s features

  • Hydrodynamic coupling and RDS system from EPM1125 upwards

  • Skip inlet with springs

  • Gearbox and batch inspection hatches

  • Round mixing arms in steel with PU sleeve protection

  • Dustproof movable covers assisted by gas springs 

  • Interchangeable and reversible mixing blades

  • Interlocking device and safety switch on every movable cover

  • Interchangeable wear resistant liners with counter sunk fixing bolts

  • Hydraulic unit and manual emergency pump enclosed in an ABS shell case

  • Integrated water distribution ring with high efficiency spray nozzles

  • All on board engineering protected in PVC coated metal conduits and connected to a heavy-duty aluminium junction box

  • Hydraulically operated discharge gate with adjustable vertical and horizontal preloaded gaskets


Available options:

  • Fast Discharge Device

  • High Speed Impact Agitator

  • Mixing stars automatic greasing system

  • Manually or hydraulically operated concrete sampler

  • Moisture and/or temperature probe

  • High pressure washing system

  • Steam injection

EPM 375
EPM 500
EPM 750
EPM 1125
EPM 1500
EPM 2250
EPM 3000
EPM 3000 Six
EPM 3750
EPM 4500
EPM 6000